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At Bikes & sports, we're cyclists. We’ve got commuters, mountain bike leaders, parents setting their kids up on balance bikes, weekend warriors and Strava-obsessed roadies.

Our experience spans cross-country, triathlon, trail, road, track, BMX, commuting and everything in between. We know what cyclists need, whatever their discipline or level.

Bikes & Sports also operates a number of schemes relating to the government’s Cycle to Work scheme, promoting cycling through tax incentives on the cost of a new bike and / or safety accessories. Find out more about these services click here.



With a huge selection of bikes for sale we have all bikes for all budgets from the major manufacturers. 




As keen cyclists ourselves we know what you need to make your time on two wheels enjoyable. We can find a bike to suit your exact needs and set it up so its ready to ride out of the shop. 

We stock many diffrent kinds of bikes, from road/race to BMX and MTB. 

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